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The Faculty of Land and Food Systems evolved from the Faculty of Agriculture—one of the three founding faculties of UBC. In those early days, the academic mandate was closely tied to the great importance of agriculture in British Columbia. In the decades leading up to the 21st century, it became clear that complexity around food and ecological sustainability was increasing beyond the scope of provincial, disciplinary study.

After considerable discussion, the Faculty initiated a deep consultative process with communities to develop a mandate that would best reflect our role as global interdisciplinary researchers, learners, and leaders in the world-wide movement towards sustainability.

The result was a new identity and focus. The Faculty of Land and Food Systems emerged with a clear commitment to promoting education, research, and community engagement as tools to sustain human and ecological health—locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our responsibility as members of this Faculty is to champion this focus and to make this large, diverse institution accessible to you. We would like to find ways to connect and reconnect with you around mutual concerns and activities. We would be pleased to take your call or meet with you, to explore opportunities to continue your engagement with UBC, and to answer any questions you may have.

Message from Professor Murray B. Isman, Dean of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems

You are not a gadget. You are not a green building, a solar panel, or an electric car. Because you are the greatest natural resource the world has produced, the future of global sustainability needs you.

Each of us has more to offer than the incremental efforts of recycling, composting, and clever engineering. People drive the core of the sustainability movement, and within us grows the potential to connect the lives of those we love, to those we have yet to meet, back to the land and resources that nourish us all.

Whether through our work in nutrition, farming, animal welfare, dairy production, or wine, we at the UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems know the core purpose of sustainable living is to nurture you—not only to live long, but to live well. We are the faculty for people. We want to work with you to sustain the land and water upon which all life depends.

To do this, we need to come together and commit to this journey: To recognize our deep connection to one another, and to combine our imagination, talent, and passion to engage with the challenges of sustainability. We each have an important part to play. The success of global sustainability requires all of us combining our resources and working together.

Together, we can achieve a deeper understanding of the issues. We can create opportunities for new options to emerge.
We can transform our purpose and see ourselves both as local stewards and as living links in a global interdisciplinary network.
The following stories show how collaborative efforts inspire breakthroughs, provoke deeper understanding, and ignite practical solutions. We invite you to join us in this transformative process.

Your support of our people and projects—through your time, your talent, and your resources—will expand that quality of excellence, academic rigour, and depth of engagement which will ensure the resilience of our communities. By working together we can accomplish great things and build a future worthy of the generations that will come after us.
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