Welcome to the start an evolution campaign at UBC’s Okanagan campus. Our intimate campus connects students and faculty and propels new ideas forward, enriching learning experiences and transforming the regional economy.

Where can you make a difference at UBC’s Okanagan campus? Support research excellence that transforms social, economic and environmental fields. Invest in our students who motivate change locally and internationally. Strengthen ties with students, alumni, scholars, volunteers and our community, creating solutions that will impact our Okanagan region and beyond.

From supporting Aboriginal students to improving regional health care- imagine what we can do together. Read our success stories, investigate our projects, and discover ways to get involved. Join us and start an evolution.

Projects and Success Stories:

  • Special Appeals

    University of British Columbia Okanagan

    Supporting Students at the Okanagan Campus of UBC

      UBC’s Okanagan campus has rapidly grown to become a significant contributor to the social, cultural, and economic landscape of the Okanagan Valley. We are educating a new generation and more

    Community Engagement, Research Excellence, Student Learning

  • Special Appeals

    Public Art Collection Fund

    Public Art Collection Fund

    UBC’s Okanagan campus is committed to developing and maintaining a public art collection that is intended to stimulate discussion, provide learning opportunities, and enrich campus life. more

    Community Engagement

  • Priority Project

    Faculty of Management Investment Naming Opportunities

    Faculty of Management Investment Naming Opportunities

    The Faculty of Management at UBC’s Okanagan Campus will distinguish itself through development and through world-class programs in service management and small business and enterprise – more

    Student Learning